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Chris Bailey spent a year trying out different productivity concepts, using himself as the subject of his experiments. Mike Schmitz talks with Chris about what he learned from experiments such as not talking to other humans for 10 days, working only 20 hours one week, and more. They also discuss other topics covered in Chris’s new book, The Productivity Project.

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  • How Chris overcame a devastating injury that happened abroad while he was writing his book
  • How setting three intentions per day and how that can help you take significant progress on your goals
  • The difference between contentment and complacency and how expressing gratitude can help keep you moving forward
  • Simple tactics you can use to cultivate happiness and train your brain to think more positively
  • How looking back at what you have accomplished helps you feel empowered to take on the next task
  • The most meaningful productivity experiment Chris conducted while writing his book and the impact it still has on him today
  • Why waking up early might not actually make you more productive (contrary to popular opinion)
  • The surprising results that Chris achieved when he decided to work for only 20 hours in a week
  • Why your productivity is determined by how you manage your time, attention, and energy
  • How you can figure out your own biological prime time and maximize your productivity by focusing on when you work
  • One tip keep your email processing time to a minimum
  • How increasing your productivity can lead you to live a more meaningful life
  • Why not all tasks are created equal and how you can level up your productivity by choosing the constraints you choose to operate within
  • What Chris’s daily routine looks like
  • Why he disconnects from devices and the Internet every evening and the benefits


Connect with Chris Bailey

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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