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Mike and Thanh host this episode as Zachary plays guest, discussing his run as host of the Productivity Show. They talk about how Zack was hired to the Asian Efficiency team, some of Zack’s favorite episodes of this podcast, and what he’s learned from hosting the show and talking to guests.

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  • How Zack got connected with the Asian Efficiency team
  • The way that Zack’s role has evolved at AE and how the process has helped him find his strengths
  • Why Zack loved hosting the podcast
  • Using personality tests to hire people
  • The different journaling practices you can learn from The Productivity Show
  • Zack’s favorite TPS episodes (listed below)
  • Zack’s favorite memory from working on the Asian Efficiency team
  • The one thing Zack tells people when they ask how to be more productive
  • Top 5 Things Zack has learned from hosting this podcast:
    • Journaling
    • Reducing Clutter
    • Doing Less, Having Less
    • Delegation
    • Managing time, energy, and attention


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  1. Zach, your podcasts, including snippets on your commentary about your own life (plus Nikita) have been a delight to listen to in following your journey as a member of the AE family. I wish the entire AE team a very successful 2017. Your businesses deserve to flourish and grow and no doubt they will. Thank you for your generosity! Judith

  2. Zachary,
    It was such a joy & a blessing to listen to your podcasts. You’ve really got the gift of building others up while learning along the way! Win-win. Thank you for all of the effort you put in over the years on this podcast… We’re all better for it. Best of luck in your next endeavors, and my hope for you is that you never stop doing what you’re good at; because everyone benefits! Cheers to you and your future success! Best regards, Hannah

  3. Sorry to see you go Zackary. I started listening to you about couple of months ago and began from show #1. I can definitely hear the progress and growth in you. I wish you all the success which you’ve deserved. All the best!


  4. Good luck, Zachary! You have been an inspiration on my commute every week.

    Can you post the Text Expander text which you use as a journaling prompt? I would love to see what questions you ask yourself each day.

  5. Thanks Carol! I’ll be helping small business owners with their productivity in Austin, TX. Feel free to look me up on the Googles and stay connected!

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