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  • How to Implement Getting Things Done (GTD) Effectively w/ OmniFocus (TPS136)

OmniFocus is very powerful, but can be difficult to use and might be overkill for your task management needs. Mike and Brooks explain the killer features of this app and how best to use it, so you can decide if it’s worthwhile for you to invest in it. If you’re already an OmniFocus user, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode as they’ll also tell you how to get the most out of it by showing you how to set up custom views or perspectives and walk you through the AE task management workflow. They also answer some of the most frequent questions we get from the community regarding OmniFocus, including how to use OmniFocus when you have to use a PC at work and the best way to implement OmniFocus when going iOS only.

Cheat Sheet

  • What OmniFocus is all about and why you might want to use it [1:46]
  • The key features of OmniFocus that help it work for Mike [3:38]
  • What separates OmniFocus from other task managers [5:31]
  • When to use Start Dates or Defer Dates correctly [12:49]
  • How to use the custom view and focus options in OmniFocus to see only the appropriate tasks [19:06]
  • Using location awareness [21:21]
  • How to use Siri to add tasks to your OmniFocus inbox automatically [24:15]
  • Advantages of the custom perspectives feature and how to use them to work more efficiently [25:56]
  • How to leverage OmniFocus integration with email clients to get links to specific email messages [31:10]
  • Examples of how to use the Applescript support in OmniFocus [36:35]
  • How OmniFocus can automatically create projects using URL schemes on iOS devices [37:27]
  • How to transfer mindmaps in Mindnode into projects in OmniFocus [42:01]
  • The #1 question we get: What if I use a Windows or PC at work? Can I still use OmniFocus? (Yes) [43:52]
  • How to use OmniFocus on an Android device [49:11]
  • Should you get the Pro version of OmniFocus? [50:54]
  • How to go iOS-only and implement OmniFocus task management only on mobile devices [53:21]
  • The best way to use OmniFocus (The AE workflow) [56:01]
  • How to use Evernote and OmniFocus together [1:00:23]


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  1. Great episode but wish that you had talked more about the three five twenty task scheduling (or was it 2/5/20?)

  2. That was a great intro to OmniFocus. Still a big fan of start dates. I thought I would mention you can get Evernote classic links into OF without ever leaving Evernote using TaskClone’s sync feature that can take either checkboxed tasks or note titles in Evernote and send them over as tasks in OmniFocus along with the classic or https link added to the note of the OF task. Many OF users do this and it really shines on mobile when switching back and forth is even more of a hassle.

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