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  • Overcome the Limitations of GTD to Get Things Done By Using the 2Do App (TPS137)

Are you frustrated with the limitations of the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology? Have you ever wished you could add a second context in your task manager, like OmniFocus? Then you don’t want to miss this episode where we break down the advantages and features of the powerful task manager app, 2Do. Mat Rhein, a member of the AE Dojo, shares from the vast research he’s done on his task management spirit quest and lays out what specific features in 2Do finally convinced him to make the switch from OmniFocus. If you’re looking for a task manager solution or concerned about the limitations or complexity in OmniFocus, have a listen as Mat makes a very convincing case for using 2Do to get things done.

Cheat Sheet

  • What got Mat interested in human productivity [2:09]
  • How and why Mat started using 2Do as his daily task manager instead of OmniFocus [5:19]
  • The productivity philosophy behind 2Do and why this flexibility makes it more approachable [7:59]
  • A few recommended ways you can prioritize tasks in 2Do [10:20]
  • The pitfalls you should look to avoid when using 2Do [12:57]
  • How 2Do syncs with Reminders (and how this allows you to use 2Do collaboratively) [17:55]
  • What got Mat to finally switch over from his beloved OmniFocus to 2Do [20:40]
  • How 2D0 makes turning emails into tasks easier than ever [22:57]
  • How and why to use display modes to manually sort your tasks in 2Do [26:58]
  • Tips for doing a weekly review in 2Do [30:47]
  • What Smart Lists are and how to use them [31:58]
  • Incredibly useful 2Do keyboard shortcuts [35:35]
  • Some of Mat’s favorite 2Do workflows [42:36]
  • What “Project Processing” is and what happens when you come up with an idea for a project [45:27]
  • Who can benefit the most from using 2Do [47:19]


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  1. Reading some of your earlier posts I got the impression that the AE team favored Agile over GTD, but that was years ago when Agile was fairly new. What is your current take on that, now that you have more experience with the systems?

    Maybe it was always more of a “different systems have different strengths and weaknesses” situation, but even so they can’t all average out to the exact same value, highly unlikely, and so I’m curious as to what your current favorite is and how it may have changed over the years.

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