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If you’re like most people, you have more reading that you need to do than you can keep up with. Whether it’s a textbook for class, a newsletter for a trade association, or the personal development book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for far too long, we all could you a little help handling our reading workload. In this episode, Mike is joined by reading expert Abby Marks-Beale to talk about how you can learn how to read faster AND comprehend even more of what you read. We discuss the basic principles of “speed reading,” how to identify your reading attitude, strategies to help you find more time for reading, and how to manage your reading workload more efficiently no matter how big your “to read” pile is. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to read more in less time, this episode is for you.

You can get access to Abby’s exclusive video course “Read More in Less Time” inside the Dojo by going to theproductivityshow.com/dojo and signing up for only $1 for your first month!

Cheat Sheet

  • Why developing a positive attitude toward reading is vital to becoming a life-long learner [2:12]
  • How having a growth mindset and establishing a reading habit helps you become more successful [6:38]
  • The important but subtle differences between fast, effective reading and “speed reading” [8:03]
  • The different types of readers, and how attitude significantly impacts your ability to read and comprehend [11:04]
  • The major differences between an active reader and a passive reader [16:20]
  • Why you might be a better reader than you think [20:12]
  • How you can become a better reader and read more in less time [24:51]
  • Why you should create a goal when you begin to read [28:02]
  • The ideal time to read fiction vs nonfiction [33:14]
  • How to create and curate your “want to read” pile so it helps get you reading faster [34:04]
  • How to make more time to read no matter how busy you are [38:08]


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