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  • The Secret to Finding Your Blindspots and Overcoming Setbacks w/ Nabill Idrisi (TPS 160)

Nabill Idrisi is back on the podcast to discuss the right way to set goals, how to accelerate the results you want, and how coaching and mastermind groups can help you towards your goals. Nabill attended an Asian Efficiency mastermind and in this episode he shares how the clarity he achieved from that even has changed his life for the better. He talks with Thanh about how process-based goals changed his life, and why coaches can benefit you in all areas of your life.

Cheat Sheet

  • Who Nabill is and how he found his true calling [1:43]
  • Why he started working with coaches and the benefits he’s seen from it [5:10]
  • How to tweak your current systems to get more success [10:36]
  • Why gathering data on your habits is important if you want to be more productive [15:54]
  • Why process-based goals are so much more effective than outcome-based goals [19:22]
  • How Nabill made a shift in his life that effected his business negatively and what he did to recover [24:44]
  • How to rely less on willpower and emotions to act and get things done [30:33]
  • Why you need to get clear on what changes you can make that will have the greatest impact in your life [34:56]
  • What masterminds are and how they are helpful [36:25]
  • Why journaling is important in helping you see the growth in your own journey [40:50]
  • How to get over the hurdle if you’ve never invested in a coach before [42:07]
  • Why you should use a coach for every facet of your life [49:09]


Connect with Nabill Idrisi

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  1. Hiring an expert to train you is a great option if you are rich. the rest of us take advantage of free / low cost resources to learn the skills we need to achieve our goals.

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