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  • Avoiding the 6 Deadly Sins of Productivity: Why Just Doing More Isn’t the Answer (TPS179)

Efficiency is usually a good thing, but in this episode we talk about some common productivity pitfalls and show you how you can get back on track when you fall victim to the 6 deadly sins of productivity. We share how to avoid the hidden dangers inherent in a wrong (but common) definition of productivity and give you some strategies to use when it all goes wrong. We set the record straight on what productivity really means and show you how to approach it correctly so you can achieve your ideal future, not just get more done. If you or someone you know has been bothered by productivity as a mechanical approach to being busier, this episode is for you.

Cheat Sheet

  • The inspiration for this episode on “the dark side of productivity” [1:18]
  • The dictionary definition of productivity vs. the Asian Efficiency definition [4:12]
  • How not only focusing on the numbers can make you more productive [8:39]
  • The 6 productivity pitfalls:
    • #1: Optimization at the expense of resilience [11:19]
    • #2: Efficiency at the expense of effectiveness [16:14]
    • #3: Busyness at the expense of mindfulness [24:27]
    • #4: Information at the expense of learning [28:42]
    • #5: Consumerism at the expense of contentment [34:40]
    • #6: Projects at the expense of people [38:36]
  • The real reason for productivity (it’s not just to get more done) [44:42]
  • Ways to become more productive by removing something that you don’t need to be doing [47:14]
  • Why you should budget and not forecast (work with what you have, not with what you’ll have in the future) [52:16]
  • The dangers of comparing yourself to other people [55:30]


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