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It’s hard to think of something that has made as big an impact in the way we live and work during the past decade than the smartphone. The iPhone in particular, introduced with its large touchscreen and lack of a physical keyboard, has had a profound impact on our productivity and changed the way we get work done. Its capability and portability have allowed people to work when and where they like. So for this episode on iPhone productivity, we can think of no one better-suited to show you how to get more out of your Apple-branded handheld computer than David Sparks, known affectionately to the internet as “Macsparky.”

David writes and produces the MacSparky Field Guides at MacSparky.com, and is the co-host of the popular Mac Power Users and Free Agents podcasts. David speaks and writes often about Apple technology, and when he’s not falling down fiddly geek rabbit holes, David is a business attorney in Orange County, California.

David recently released the iPhone Field Guide, a multimedia guide to making the most of your iPhone. With over 50 screencasts and more than 65,000 words, there’s something here for everyone whether you are new to the iPhone or been using it for years. David joins us to talk about some of his favorite iPhone productivity tips, some of his favorite productivity apps, and how he accelerated the writing process to finally publish the book.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Who David is and why he’s been podcasting for 10 years [2:44]
  • How smartphones have changed the way we live and work [4:00]
  • What notifications David allows and which ones he blocks [8:11]
  • All about the iPhone field guide that he wrote [15:10]
  • What hyper-scheduling is and how David finished this field guide as a side project [20:29]
  • Some of David’s favorite iPhone productivity tips [30:32]
  • Using dictation on iPhone [37:58]
  • Different things you can do with Live Photos [47:05]
  • 3 different categories of task managers on the iPhone [52:42]
  • Why you shouldn’t use too many due dates for your tasks [58:28]
  • David’s perspective on habit trackers for iPhone [1:06:45]
  • How to use the Grammarly keyboard and Voice Dream apps to be more productive [1:10:43]
  • How to get the most out of the Find Friends app on the iPhone [1:17:10]


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