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You’re listening to the 200th episode of the Productivity Show which is a major milestone for us. Three years and almost 5mm downloads later we’re still going strong and helping people like you achieve your goals in record times with our actionable content. To celebrate this special occasion we will reveal something at Asian Efficiency that we have never done before – an inside look at our planning process at the company. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, team leader or someone who wants to learn how to plan their goals in a different way, you’ll learn a lot from this today’s episode where we share how we plan our goals for the year and how we try to achieve them. We talk about which mistakes we’ve made along the way, share how we’ve sometimes failed at hitting our targets, and what we’ve learned that helps us execute better the more we stick with the process.

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Cheat Sheet

  • How Asian Efficiency’s planning and goal-setting systems have changed over the years [3:03]
  • How AE grew from a 2-person side project to a larger business with a team of people [11:44]
  • The concept of “disagree and commit” and why it’s important [15:49]
  • Why nothing beats doing planning sessions in person [21:35]
  • Why you should start with the end in mind when it comes to planning [24:02]
  • How the “critical number” keeps you on track [33:09]
  • Using an example of creating an online course to talk about goal setting and the critical number [41:31]
  • Using scrum and story points in the planning process [51:05]
  • Understanding where you are now with leading indicators [53:10]
  • How to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be [58:26]
  • Why planning is 50% of the work [1:03:42]
  • How “thinking time” can help you accomplish your goals [1:07:21]
  • Lessons that we’ve learned from our own quarterly planning process [1:13:57]


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