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It can be difficult balancing close relationships with the important people in your life and your desire to get things done as efficiently as possible. What do you do when you have friends or family members who don’t share the same approach to getting things done? How can you win them over and convince them to implement new and better ways of doing things?

In this episode, Brooks and Mike talk about how you can walk the fine line of productivity evangelist with the people who are close to you without being pushy or damaging important relationships. They share 3 strategies for working productively with a spouse or significant other, tips for communicating and inspiring other family members and friends when you need to tread carefully in close relationships, and share several personal examples of how they’ve convinced the people close to them to prioritize productivity.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Why you have to be careful when trying to convince family members to use new productivity techniques [1:57]
  • 4 strategies for maximizing your chances of success when you are advocating for productivity with your spouse or significant other [7:00]
  • Questions to ask your spouse during a family meeting [10:50]
  • Why you can’t force your preferences on your significant other [16:37]
  • Why clearly articulating the problem you are trying to solve helps you get on the same page [22:40]
  • How patience can really help produce change in productivity within a household [28:42]
  • Productivity in other family relationships, like Mom and Dad [39:22]
  • Productivity tips you can use with your kids [43:07]


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