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  • Simple Strategies to Help You Overcome the 4 Natural Enemies of Mindfulness (TPS212)

Do you ever find yourself reacting emotionally to things that are beyond your control? Maybe you don’t fly off the handle and say something you’ll regret later, but you still find certain people or things in your work or personal life that make your blood start to boil. This is known as the fight vs. flight response, and unfortunately, in an effort to save us from physical harm our body tends to trigger it at just the wrong moments.

In this episode, we show you how you can overcome the fight vs. flight response to see things the right way and make better decisions using the practice of mindfulness. We’re not going to talk about the practice of mindfulness meditation in this episode (we did that in TPS210), but we will look at some of the natural enemies of mindfulness and show you how you can overcome them. We also give you some mindfulness exercises you can use anytime, anywhere to start developing a practice of mindfulness in your daily life.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Why mindfulness does NOT equal meditation (and what it really means) [2:10]
  • Why mindfulness is about observing and controlling your thoughts [11:39]
  • What happens when the fight vs. flight response is triggered and how to deal with it appropriately [12:54]
  • Why the philosophy of stoicism aligns so well with the concept of mindfulness [23:18]
  • Some of the major benefits of practicing mindfulness [29:28]
  • How distractions at work and with technology can prevent us from being mindful [38:57]
  • Why multitasking is something that should really be avoided [43:30]
  • How FOMO and the Fear Of Keeping Up prevent you from being mindful [48:50]
  • Why it is so important to get good sleep in order to stay healthy and productive [53:27]
  • Exercises you can do right now to implement mindfulness [58:15]
  • A simple mindfulness framework (RAIN) [1:06:38]


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