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Today’s guest is Garrett Salpeter, the founder of NeuFit. He invented a device that has helped Thanh recover from shoulder surgery in only 2.5 months – something most people would take 6 months to do. We dive deeper on how he’s changing the way world-class professional athletes recover from injuries and surgeries, and how you can too. Whether you’re recovering from an injury yourself or you’re fascinated about how you can achieve peak performance with your body through technology, this episode is for you. In the end, we also talk about how you can build muscle faster with technology and how you can have more productive workouts.

Cheat Sheet

  • What NeuFit is [1:38]
  • How the device actually works [8:51]
  • Examples of how NeuFit has worked for people [16:52]
  • Thanh’s story of his shoulder [26:06]
  • How you can use the device to help with workouts [43:18]


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  1. Hi,

    I am pretty new to the podcast scene and have just started listening to yours, very much enjoying it so far and it makes my hour drive to and from work really enjoyable.

    Your podcast with Garrett was great, a pity this isn’t accessible in Australia- might have prolonged my netball career :).

    I do have a question, I understand this addresses physical injuries by tapping into the neurological pathways, has there been any though or research into if this could translate for chronic inflammatory conditions that are more internal ie I have a lot of seasonal eczema, food/gut sensitivities but more broadly things like arthritis, chrones disease, lupus etc?

    Just curious as always interested in progressing my own learning to better manage my own health and well-being.

    Thanks and am looking forward to binge listening to the back catalogue.


    1. Thanks Nat! I’m not sure. It might be worth contacting NeuFit and see if they could answer your question because they use their technology for all sorts of cases and have seen a lot of things successfully (and unsuccessfully) work.

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