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Today’s episode is going to be a little different. Mike Schmitz will be leaving Asian Efficiency and The Productivity Show and he’s going on to do other big and exciting things. We thought it would be great to have Mike share his lessons and experiences he learned over the years that would benefit others like you.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Mike found Asian Efficiency [1:53]
  • The impacts that AE has made on Mike [11:55]
  • Why thinking time became a very powerful tool for Mike [22:01]
  • How Mike has impacted the productivity community [25:44]
  • Mike’s favorite episodes of The Productivity Show [28:27]
  • Mike’s list of hit favorite productivity books [33:04]
  • What advice Mike would give to his younger self, knowing what he knows now [38:10]
  • Where to go to keep following Mike going forward [42:23]


Connect with Mike Schmitz

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  1. Thank you Mike for your input in the podcast over the years!
    It is like I have got to know you in a way, and I really appreciate what you have been doing. My way into the Asian Efficiency and the dojo started with the podcast.
    I am sad to see you leave. But I trust the team will continue the good work. Blessings :-)

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