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  • How to Get the Most Value Out of Conferences and Implement What You’ve Learned (TPS225)

This episode is all about how to maximize the value you get from conferences. We’ll share strategies and tips for how to pick the right conference to go to, how to implement what you’ve learned, how to maximize your time at a conference and make sure it’s worth your time and money – especially if you’re introverted!

Cheat Sheet

  • What Brooks has learned from attending hundreds of conferences [1:30]
  • How to pick a conference to attend [7:30]
  • The true cost of going to a conference [16:41]
  • Tips for traveling to conferences [25:11]
  • How to pack for a conference [36:36]
  • How to maximize your time when you are at the conference [44:35]
  • The concept of “un-conferencing” [53:58]
  • How to take good notes [57:43]
  • Networking tips for introverts [1:05:04]
  • How to keep track of expenses when traveling [1:14:02]
  • What to do once you get back from the conference [1:17:13]


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