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In today’s episode, we’ll be covering how you can conduct your own annual review. This has allowed Thanh and others on the team to achieve our goals, be happier and be more fulfilled in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s something that most people are not doing because there isn’t a lot of great information out there on this topic. That’s about to change and you’ll discover the 3 tools you need for your annual review, how it will help you achieve your goals, and the 8-step process for conducting your own annual review.

Cheat Sheet

  • Brooks and Thanh’s top 3 productivity resources for this week [1:25]
  • What you can get out of conducting your own annual review [5:00]
  • The common mistakes that are made in conducting your own annual review [5:55]
  • What a year-end review is and is not good for [8:24]
  • The myriad benefits of keeping a journal, and how it helps in your annual review [10:32]
  • How an accomplishment list can help your business, your workplace, and your personal life [17:21]
  • Why it is crucial to keep the accomplishment list going, no matter how big or small the accomplishments [21:19]
  • Why we should not dread the failure list [23:58]
  • How to not make the same mistake twice [27:13]
  • How to use these three tools to conduct your own annual review [28:21]
  • Why you should write an extremely brief summary of your year in review [33:52]
  • How you can still do an annual review despite not having these tools [36:42]


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