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The more people you have in your family, the more having a reliable and trusted family calendar becomes critical. How do you keep everyone in the loop, and do it in a way that avoids conflict and mismatched expectations?

We’ll share the 3 requirements a family calendar needs to have, best practices around sharing a family calendar, and one activity that will make sure that everyone knows what the plan is for the week.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why it’s important to have a shared calendar for your family [5:08]
  • How a calendar solves problems and helps reduce unwanted situations [10:08]
  • How to build and cement a routine for your family [12:39]
  • What has happened with Brooks in the past when he wasn’t using a calendar, or when it was misused [15:41]
  • The three things that are critical to have with a family calendar [24:34]
  • What technology Brooks uses for his family’s calendar system [27:07]
  • How a few best practices can help perfect your family calendar [30:28]
  • How Thanh recommends the best way to get started in implementing the family calendar [40:46]
  • Why Brooks believes that everybody should have some unstructured time in their calendar [42:03]


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