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This is the 3rd episode of our podcast series on energy. In this episode, we asked AE team members and clients what they have done to increase their energy and double their productivity. You’re going to discover a new type of coffee that gave an AE client crazy amounts of energy, how one tweak to a ritual gave an AE client more energy, what to do the night before a busy day, a supplement that has helped one person get better sleep, and a lot more.

Thanks to eero for supporting The Productivity Show. eero is offering our listeners $100 off the eero base unit and two beacons package, and one year of eero plus. Visit eero.com/tps and at checkout, enter TPS.

Cheat Sheet:

  • What two changes in Brooks’s mornings gave him much more energy [5:36]
  • How napping helps Thanh get his necessary mid-day reset [7:18]
  • What Marmel has noticed since the changes she made in her diet and exercise [12:45]
  • Why you should always do your “big rocks” first [13:57]
  • How Sherby changed her morning routine to adapt to her changing energy levels [16:34]
  • Mary’s psychological approach to improving her energy throughout the day [22:45]
  • How meditating can help maintain your energy levels, both at the beginning and at the end of the day [23:45]
  • How to master the first 90 minutes of your day [27:58]
  • What “black blood of the earth” is and how it can give you what you love from coffee without the acidity [29:57]
  • The power of getting things done the night before [32:13]
  • How Wim Hof’s breathing exercises have helped Thanh get energized [42:45]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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