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  • Being Good At Your Job Is Not Enough For Growth: You Need To Create This Plan (TPS240)

In this episode, we talk about creating a Personal Development Plan. Setting yourself, and your team, up for success doesn’t just happen. You want to figure out where you want to go and what you need to do to get you there, and Marmel and Brooks will take you through 8 questions to help you do that.

If you’re an employer or have a team, we’ll also go through how to support your team members with their learning journey, because the more your team grows, the more your organization will grow. We’ll wrap up with how we at AE go from yearly objectives from the CEO -> each team member’s Plan, so everyone is growing and aligned.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why bother making a personal development plan instead of just learning on the job [6:09]
  • What a personal development plan is [9:24]
  • Why being good at your job isn’t enough [11:45]
  • The 8 questions to ask yourself in creating your own personal development plan [17:01]
  • Why you should reflect on where you are in your career and if you are where you want to be [18:51]
  • How to work in the short and long term to get into the position or role you want [24:01]
  • What Marmel is working on in her own personal development plan [26:20]
  • The importance of getting feedback and using the “skills matrix” during your process [27:05]
  • What to keep in mind when you begin learning new skills [29:40]
  • How to deal with the constraints we have over our time, energy, and financial resources [33:00]
  • The many different educational resources that are available for you to develop your skills [35:11]
  • How to support your employees or team members in their own development plans [37:11]
  • How the learning and development process works at Asian Efficiency [39:31]
  • What actions you can take right now to get started on your own personal development plan [43:53]


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