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In today’s episode, we are finishing up our 3 part series about our favourite things to get things done. We’ve talked about our favorite apps for the computer, our favorite apps for mobile, and now we are going to talk about our favorite physical devices and tools.

These are the things we use every day, and we love them all.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • What computers, tablets, and phones Thanh and Brooks are using [3:56]
  • The device that Thanh and Brooks use so much, it is an “insta-buy” when it breaks [7:44]
  • How Thanh keeps all of his different devices charged with just one cable [9:40]
  • The solution to making sure you always have WiFi throughout the house [11:21]
  • How Thanh ensures he always gets a good night’s sleep [14:59]
  • Why Thanh and Brooks like Sonos speakers so much, they have six of them throughout their houses [17:21]
  • How the Oura ring miniaturized the fitness tracking accessory [20:32]
  • The smart watch that beat out Apple Watch for Brooks [23:53]
  • How Airpods became a must-have despite Thanh wondering who would buy them when they came out [25:36]
  • Brooks’s favorite portable keyboard to use with the iPad [28:13]
  • The gift that made writing more enjoyable and easier for Thanh [29:44]
  • The favorite devices of the Dojo members [32:38]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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