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Here Are Our 10 Favorite Mobile Apps To Help You Get More Done (TPS248)

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This is episode 2 of our 3-part series on our top 10 favorite apps and tools. In today’s episode, we are going to do the monumentally difficult task and narrow down our 10 favorite mobile apps for iOS and Android that we use, love, and that makes us more productive.

This was hard because there are so many apps we love, but I think we have something for everyone. We also give an honorable mention to favorites submitted by the community.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks and Thanh’s app of choice for email both on their smartphones and computers [6:37]
  • How to manage all of your travel details better [8:05]
  • What mobile app Brooks uses to plan and brainstorm everything [12:12]
  • How to easily make intermittent fasting a part of your life [18:16]
  • How to make sure you never forget an idea or task [20:35]
  • How to keep track of tons of packages and deliveries at once [21:54]
  • Using Calm to stay centered, keep focused, and sleep better [25:15]
  • How to get a whole library of books, audiobooks, and movies on your mobile device [31:08]
  • Thanh’s favorite app and what it can do for you [33:00]
  • The favorite apps of the Asian Efficiency Dojo members [35:39]


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Posted by Tiago Melo  | May 22, 2019 at 5:27AM | Reply

Just heard the podcast today and I’d like to post that the e-mail client Spark is now available on Android as well :)

Posted by Miki Giurescu  | May 21, 2019 at 8:29AM | Reply

Apps can truly streamline your work; I’m a true app fan. I’ve created a huge resource of all the apps I’ve used or still use and the list reached over 100 of them! It’s the user experience and that gamification strategy that usually turns me into an evangelist.

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