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Have you ever wanted to start with automation, but you weren’t sure where to start? Then this episode is for you. We talk about our 5 biggest personal automation wins, and where we think you should start if you want to get started with automation. We also share an exciting new automation course that we’ve been cooking up, so stay tuned for that until the end.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top three productivity resources for this week [2:09]
  • What Thanh and Brooks learned from their automation survey [5:17]
  • How you can type faster without learning how to type faster [10:52]
  • Why everybody can get started with text replacement today easily and for free [16:03]
  • How Brooks and Thanh use Text Expander to work more efficiently [19:37]
  • How keyboard shortcuts speed up your workflow and save time in your work [26:06]
  • A simple way to get started with keyboard shortcuts [36:40]
  • Thanh shares some of his favorite keyboard shortcuts [41:06]
  • The power of using “copy and paste on steroids” [45:29]
  • How automatic file management can keep your workspace clutter free and organized [55:04]
  • Examples of how to use automatic file management to enhance your computer’s organization [1:05:33]
  • The peace of mind of having all your backups completely automated [1:08:15]


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  1. Thank you for this informative Podcast. In addition to File Juggler, there is one other tool for Mac/Windows/Linux(!) that is really useful – at least for basic automated tasks and synchronisation.

    It’s called FreeFileSync / RealTimeSync – freefilesync.org
    Example video here: https://youtu.be/9KXo6yOhTWo

    I use it for my backup devices and it works really well. One advantage over File Juggler (Windows) is that you can backup and sync your rules with other devices. I use the same file structure on my stationary and mobile device and it lets me perform auto tasks without editing any drive letters etc.

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