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Asian Efficiency has always been a remote team and we have team members all over the world. We all come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and with different ‘quirks’. Despite all these differences, we are able to work well together because we always work as a team. But, it wasn’t always without problems. We have struggled to work together as a team across different continents and time zones but eventually, we did figure it out. In this episode, we will go over what 3 lessons learned about highly productive teamwork and how you can use it in your own team. Whether you are in a remote company or not, these lessons will apply to all teams.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Asian Efficiency’s top three team productivity resources [2:20]
  • Why trust is the foundation of every good team [6:02]
  • How Marmel accelerates the trust-building process with new employees [9:37]
  • The different ways Asian Efficiency has built trust between their team members [17:10]
  • How acting with integrity will develop trust between you and others [28:46]
  • Why under-communication is such a waste to a company [31:45]
  • What practices Asian Efficiency has implemented to help with communication [36:03]
  • Why Thanh prioritizes getting everybody’s input on a project [41:42]
  • What it means for everybody’s happiness to be equally important in a company [45:28]
  • How Thanh and the AE team have prioritized the happiness of the team [52:45]
  • The “roundtable of gratitude” and how it helps the team morale [1:00:00]


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