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Today I’m joined by Stacey Harmon, a certified Evernote consultant who helps people get setup and use Evernote. We dive deep into how she uses Evernote to run her life and business, we share examples of how other people use Evernote and some advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of the tool. Even if you don’t use Evernote, you’ll learn a lot of ways to organize information and process them in whatever tool you use.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Stacey’s top three productivity resources [2:17]
  • How Stacey got started working with Evernote [4:11]
  • How to make next year’s taxes easy [7:27]
  • Why Evernote being a blank slate is so powerful, but can be daunting to new users [9:51]
  • What Stacey sees as the strengths and drawbacks of Evernote [16:57]
  • How to set up a GTD workflow in Evernote [26:12]
  • Stacey’s productivity philosophy [37:07]
  • How to use Evernote for anything [47:02]
  • Poweruser tips for people looking to get better with Evernote [51:34]


Connect with Stacey Harmon

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  1. Stacey Harmon mentioned the tickler file in Evernote. I still use a physical tickler file. How does she make a digital version? And how does she use it? Thanks.

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