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A year ago we unveiled the TEA Framework here on the podcast, which is our simple framework that will help you get laser-focused on the root cause when your productivity dips. We’ve learned that there are three currencies that you must master in order to be as productive as you can be, and one year on we are going to revisit the TEA framework, share some feedback and successes that we’ve received, and share our lessons learned one year on.

We’ll also cover where you should start if you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or distracted.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks’s top 3 productivity resources [2:30]
  • The three areas that make up the TEA framework and how it can help with your productivity [4:51]
  • What makes the TEA framework so useful in diagnosing problems [10:32]
  • Why the Time element is the reason most everybody learned about productivity [15:37]
  • Why Energy is the most important element of the TEA framework [21:43]
  • The three components of Attention [33:24]
  • Why Attention may be the most important for freelancers and those high up in their company [39:00]
  • How to get started in implementing the TEA framework [45:29]
  • How members of the Dojo have used the TEA framework to supercharge their productivity and remove roadblocks [47:51]
  • Is this the newest letter to the TEA framework? [49:29]
  • What a whole year of the TEA framework has shown Thanh and Brooks [52:47]


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my previous comment in this episode!

    I started with TEA, expanded to TEAM, and now I MASTER my productivity! :)

    Skills <- Important!
    Resources <- Money goes here.

    This also works well when managing a team.

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