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Usually when people talk about “automation”, they’re talking about turning the lights on and off with smart lights or automating things on the computer like moving files around or text expansion.

Those are all super-useful automation, but what about a huge chunk of our work and home technology use: the web?

In this episode, we’re going to be sharing some examples of personal and business automation that happen automatically thanks to some insanely useful web tools, and we’ll share some of our favorite browser extensions that save us time and hassle.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks’s top 3 productivity resources of the week [2:14]
  • What web automation is and how it can save you time and energy [5:43]
  • The web browser automation Brooks loves the most [7:19]
  • Thanh’s top browser extensions [12:32]
  • How web automation services can connect all of your different internet tools [18:00]
  • The big differences between IFTTT and Zapier [22:36]
  • Some of the Asian Efficiency team’s favorite Zapier automation [30:35]


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  1. IFTTT is pronounced as though it rhymes with “gift.” Zapier is pronounced as though it rhymes with “happier.” Brooks pronounced Zapier correctly throughout this episode, but he said “I-F-T-T-T” every time. Pronunciation is critical for a podcaster.

    IFTTT is a gift. Zapier makes people happier. :)

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