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I’m joined this time by Cathryn Lavery. She’s the co-founder of the Best Self company that you might recognize as the creator of the Self Planner and Self Journal. Cathryn considers herself a maker and creator so we dove deep into how she approaches the creative process, gets things done and what her personal productivity system is.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Cathryn’s three favorite productivity resources [1:34]
  • How Cathryn accidentally made productivity into her job [4:18]
  • What makes Cathryn’s Self Journal so effective [9:38]
  • The strategies and productivity tools Cathryn had before she started Best Self [11:50]
  • How Cathryn’s weekly structure works with her creativity to maximize her most productive times [16:29]
  • How Best Self evolved from productivity into a more holistic brand [26:46]
  • What benefits the Oura Ring has had in Cathryn’s life [34:00]
  • Why you should work with people who are passionate about what they do [47:00]
  • How Cathryn uses the Best Self products in her own life, and surprising stories from other Best Self clients [50:17]


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