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  • Is Evernote Dying? Nope! Here Are Our Favorite Tips and How We Use It Now (TPS287)

If you’ve looked at productivity apps at all, you will have come across Evernote. Some people think about Evernote as a “note-taking app”, but it is so much more than that. It’s where you can remember everything that is important, and it’s the tool you can use to stay organized, wherever you are in the world and with whatever device you have access to.

We’ve talked a lot about Evernote on the podcast, going back as far as 2015. In this episode, we are going to revisit how we use Evernote, and share some of our favorite Evernote tips — some you may not have used before, even if you’ve been using Evernote for as long as we have.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Brooks’s top 3 productivity resources for the week [3:23]
  • How Thanh and Brooks first encountered Evernote and what they used it for [7:16]
  • Why despite some popular articles and videos, Evernote is far from dead [11:14]
  • How Evernote has made the Asian Efficiency team’s organization much better [14:54]
  • Why it’s really important not to overthink how you organize your notes [25:16]
  • The advantage of creating a dashboard or table of contents [30:54]
  • The power of utilizing the Evernote template system [35:02]
  • How to become a web clipper power user and combine it with Gmail [39:30]
  • The super-shortcut that is under-utilized in Evernote [43:35]


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  1. I was excited to listen to this post and your enthusiasm for WebClipper because I had given up on Evernote since it had taken so long for them to have WebClipper work on Catalina and the latest version of Safari… Your raves made me hopeful, which was either misleading or installing is extra-complicated… and I keep failing. There’s not much on the user forums for Evernote..

    am I missing something, or do I have to switch to Chrome… And if that’s the case, can I migrate my bookmarks and history from Safari and Chrome?

    Thanks in advance–



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