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  • 5 Simple Browser Hacks You Can Implement Right Away (TPS334)

The web browser is one of the most commonly used tools. You probably spend more than 4 hours a day using it and it’s a powerful tool. If you’re like most people you haven’t looked much into how to use this tool and turn it into a productivity powerhouse tool. That’s going to change today as we’re going to share some of our favorite browser hacks that will make you much more productive and efficient. Whether you use Edge, Sarafi, Chrome, or Firefox we got you covered!

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [2:00]
  • Why we should pay more attention to our web browser and how to be more efficient with it [4:32]
  • How to turn on dark mode for the entire web [8:55]
  • Superpower your personal knowledge management with the ability to get anything you need easily from any page [11:07]
  • How to increase your security online and never again forget your login information [17:01]
  • Why using different profiles or personas in your browser can cut down on headaches ad increase productivity [24:36]
  • Why staying away from your mouse is one of the best ways to get faster in your browser and on your computer [29:06]
  • How your bookmark bar can give you much easier access to your most accessed webpages [34:09]
  • Why adding tasks to your task manager directly from your browser can increase your productivity [38:08]
  • How to quickly and easily get to “tab zero” on your mobile browser [40:30]
  • How to magically vet all Amazon reviews before you buy and make sure you’re getting the right thing [43:10]
  • Browser hacks from the Dojo and TPS+ members [46:17]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [49:10]


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