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We all have these things in our work and personal life we call Time Squanders — those 5-10 minute activities that somehow work their way into our days. These really add up and have a surprising impact on your Time, Energy, and Attention. A perfect example of this is dealing with your files, notes, and photos — figuring out where to put them, and even worse: trying to dig through a digital mess trying to find that piece of information you KNOW is there somewhere.

In this episode, we are going to share 3 ways to get organized with your files, notes, and photos so that things are stored right the first time, and you can find what you need whenever you need it.

Thanks to Indeed for supporting The Productivity Show. Indeed is offering our listeners a $75 credit at Indeed.com/tps.

You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/351.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [2:56]
  • Why even bother organizing your files? [4:39]
  • What is a “time squander”? [10:29]
  • What would Brooks do with an extra hour a day? [12:12]
  • Where should you add your key folders to on your computer? [13:59]
  • How can Mac users save themselves lots of time in file management”? [16:31]
  • What is Brooks’ philosophy on naming files? [23:37]
  • How does Thanh recommend naming files? [27:16]
  • Why is it important to create an easy organization system? [33:08]
  • What is the “EOS” System, and how did Brooks discover it? [35:12]
  • What is the AAA method, and how does it enhance the EOS system? [36:42]
  • How does Thanh apply the AAA method practically? [39:39]


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  1. I would have loved to enroll in the Easy Organizational System class. Unfortunately, since I am a W2 employee, I cannot listen to live webinars during business hours.

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