Will Henshall is the CEO of [email protected] which is a productivity music company. They have different genres of music and playlists that help you get focused and into a flow state. We talked about how different music works for different people, the 5 types of brains, how to take care of your brain for optimal performance, and how to find the best music that works according to your brain type.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [3:12]
  • What difference does eliminating points of drag/friction make in the grand scheme? [7:23]
  • Where did things start for Will? [8:39]
  • Where did Will shift his focus after Londonbeat? [11:02]
  • What was the catalyst in developing the idea for Focus @ Will? [17:20]
  • How do you know when a track resonates with you? [20:34]
  • What is the OCEAN score? [21:26]
  • Do sleep and tiredness affect listening preferences? [22:36]
  • Why does focus music work so well? [27:16]
  • What are the main uses for focus music? [30:21]
  • How does Will measure the effectiveness of focus music? [34:44]
  • What is the easiest way to win back 1-2 hours of the day? [35:45]
  • How is Focus @ Will different from other music services? [37:13]
  • How long does it take for focus music to take effect? [44:01]
  • What are some ways to make the best use of Focus @ Will? [46:49]
  • How does Will recommend keeping our brains healthy? [48:45]
  • What’s next for Focus @ Will? [50:23]


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