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At Asian Efficiency we follow a project management philosophy called “Scrum”. You might have heard of it. It’s popular in the software industry but not so much outside of it which is a shame because it’s a powerful way of getting things done for teams. One of the elements of practicing Scrum is called a “Retrospective” and that’s what today’s topic is about.

Whether you’re new to the topic or are already familiar with it, we’ll show you how you can use a retrospective to make you more effective and productive. We’ll share three tips you must know to run an effective Retrospective and some mistakes you want to avoid (that we had to learn the hard way).

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [3:12]
  • What is a Retrospective? [6:31]
  • What can you do to better visualize and understand Retrospectives? [7:52]
  • How can you use Retrospectives if you aren’t a decision-maker for your team? [11:31]
  • What is the first tip to run a Retrospective? [13:33]
  • What does Thanh like to do for AE’s quarterly “learning day?” [23:01]
  • What is Brooks’ tip on running a Retrospective? [25:33]
  • What are some questions AE brings to their Retrospective “round table?” [27:18]
  • What does Brooks feel is most powerful about running a Retrospective? [30:22]
  • What is Thanh’s final tip on running a retrospective? [31:18]


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