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A comment in a recent podcast recording Livestream made us realize that there’s this misconception that we are these notification-less monks, who have all of our devices on Do Not Disturb and never get notified about anything.

This is not quite true – we actually embrace notifications and reminders! The only difference is that they need to do something for us – they need to remind us to do something important, at the right time and in the right place and context.

So we are going to share how we use reminders, what we get reminded about, what we use to be reminded, and some best practices.

If you find yourself missing tasks, appointments, or not taking action on things you should – we’ll help you get reminded the right way

Maybe you have the opposite problem – you have too many reminders, notifications, and other beeps and popups going on that you get distracted and the important ones get lost in the noise

You just want to hear about how we do things to maybe get some ideas – fair enough.

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You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/376.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:07]
  • How does Thanh handle the “ringer” setting on his phone? [6:05]
  • What kinds of reminders does Brooks set for himself? [9:57]
  • How does Thanh handle reminders for non-appointment events, like birthdays? [16:32]
  • How is Brooks reminded of his most important tasks? [24:50]
  • What is a “daily support ritual”? [32:25]
  • What are Thanh’s daily support rituals? [34:27]
  • Action step to integrate today’s topic into your life [37:34]


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