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In this episode, we’re going to talk about ways to have a good weekend that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes during the week.

Even if you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur and don’t follow the M-F work week, you can apply these concepts to whatever leisure time you do take.

Here are 3 things you’ll get out of this episode:

  • How to make sure you have a “good” weekend and know what that means to you.
  • Something you can do this weekend which studies have shown is worth an extra $115,000 a year in terms of life satisfaction
  • How to make sure your weekend doesn’t turn into an over-scheduled disaster

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You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/396.

Cheat Sheet:

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:00]
  • What’s the first tip for having a good weekend? [4:52]
  • What is tip #2 for having a good weekend? [7:26]
  • What is Thanh’s first weekend tip? [14:47]
  • What is the final tip of the day? [18:44]
  • What does Thanh’s typical week look like? [22:44]
  • Action step to integrate today’s topic into your life. [24:58]


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