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Today’s episode is a new format we’re experimenting with.

We know many of you like listening to podcasts to learn new things and also to stay on top of what’s happening in the world.

So we thought it would be helpful to also share some industry news on the podcast so you’re always up to date with the latest news around productivity apps, tools, books and everything else in between.

Aside from the industry news, we also have 3 important topics to go over:

-Does it make sense to color-code your calendar a week later after everything happened?

-How capitalism and productivity are hurting young peoples’ well-being.

-With more people WFH, do GTD Contexts still make sense?

Thanks Truebill.com/TPS. It could save you thousands a year.

You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/397.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:33]
  • What are the three new pieces of industry news? [5:47]
  • What are Brooks’ thoughts on the industry news for the day? [8:51]
  • What are the biggest benefits of cloud storage? [11:39]
  • What are the “industry happenings” for the day? [13:15]
  • How does Thanh optimize his calendar? [16:53]
  • What is the big hurdle with time tracking? [18:52]
  • What is the basic premise behind Brooks’ viral TikTok video of the day? [21:28]
  • What is Thanh’s perspective on modern “anti-productivity” culture? [23:30]
  • What are “contexts” within the GTD Method? [30:41]
  • What is Brooks’ take on GTD contexts nowadays? [32:14]
  • What is a big downside to contexts nowadays, according to Thanh? [35:33]
  • Action step to integrate today’s topic into your life.[37:37]


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Thanh Pham

Founder of Asian Efficiency where we help people become more productive at work and in life. I've been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and The Globe & Mail as a productivity thought leader. At AE I'm responsible for leading teams and executing our vision to assist people all over the world live their best life possible.

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