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  • Was Your Password Manager Hacked? Is Clutter A Good Thing? & More (TPS442)

There is starting to be a pushback against decluttering in articles and social media trends. Can clutter actually be a good thing? Also, quiet quitters are getting quiet fired, and a popular password manager has been hacked yet again.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:36]
  • The latest productivity news you should know [6:11]
  • Thanh’s criteria for switching to a new app [10:11]
  • Can clutter actually be good for you? [12:25]
  • The difference between clutter and hoarding [16:59]
  • What to do if you are a LastPass user [24:49]
  • Why quiet quitters are getting quiet fired [32:53]

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  1. This is a different perspective on clutter, one most people don't know about. I recently took the Clifton Strengths test, which identifies 34 different strengths. I was #3 in Input. An input strength means you collect. It can be things, information, or even people. I might go through a museum collecting information, or I buy a stuffed Anubis. It sits on my desk with a cheetah, a penguin, a llama, a brontosaurus, a turtle, a lizard, and a dog. I went to Colorado Springs, and I collected the travel brochures, which I taped into a notebook with my notes from a conference. I tore out an article from the newspaper and taped it in. And it was fun for me to do so. I also had a few things I collected, then decided, "Meh."

    I've always had clutter. I've always been told some form of "clutter is bad, get rid of it." While a decluttered environment is calming to you, it's actually stressful to me. I need a little clutter around me. I was always stressed out in my own room when I was in the Army because I couldn't have any clutter (the Army decided any clutter was a sign of disorganization). I hid it under neatly folded clothes to have something of me there.

    Please note that clutter doesn't mean dirty. Yes, it can get out of hand. I've been there, too. When I got out of the Army, I went too far in the other direction and had to rebalance back. Too much clutter is also stressful for me, because it's a sign there's something going on in my life that's inviting Input to overbalance. The same thing for organization/disorganization. If I know where everything is, it's a healthy clutter for me. If I can't find things, input is overbalancing.

    You might want to check out the Clifton Strengths. It's been interesting for me to explore these areas (input territory anyway!).

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