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  • The Power of Nonverbal Communication: Boosting Productivity and Success w/ Blake Eastman (TPS457)

Unleash the power of nonverbal communication to boost your productivity and success with Blake Eastman, a distinguished behavioral scientist and founder of The Nonverbal Group. Discover how to decode body language, manage stress and anxiety, and enhance your communication and collaboration skills in any environment. Get ready to master the art of nonverbal communication and take your personal and professional life to the next level.

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  • How Blake became interested in behavioral science [2:39]
  • Learnings from thousands of hours of study [4:45]
  • What has Blake learned from studying poker players? [6:03]
  • How can you improve your confidence? [10:16]
  • How can a leader use behavioral observation? [18:57]
  • How can you identify your own blind spots? [27:47]
  • Why using ChatGPT puts you ahead of everyone else [43:39]
  • The importance of psychological safety, and how to create it [51:36]
  • Blake’s book recommendations [59:50]
  • Rockefeller’s “tar” story that you can implement in your business [1:13:11]

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