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Being a better leader means making better decisions. In this episode, we are joined by Constance Dierickx, a high-level consultant who helps leaders make decisions when the stakes are high.

We discuss her new book Meta-Leadership: How To See What Others Don’t and Make Great Decisions, and she demonstrates — on Brooks! — how easy it is to fall into the cognitive trap of dichotomous thinking.

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  • Constance’s background and how she became The Decision Doctor [2:12]
  • How do you overcome high performers who don’t think they need help? [5:23]
  • How do you solve the HIPPO problem? [19:58]
  • Brooks falls into the “dichotomous thinking” trap [21:42]
  • How can you say “I don’t know” without portraying yourself as weak or non-decisive? [24:14]
  • A great strategy for those of us whose emotional dial is turned up a little too high sometimes [34:41]
  • How can a junior person be confident and speak up in meetings or similar situations? [42:54]
  • Is it possible to be both analytical AND creative? [46:28]
  • How to “be an explorer in your own territory” [55:50]

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