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You’ve heard that phrase before: “Work smarter, not harder.” Sounds great, but how do you do that?

In this rare solo episode, Asian Efficiency CEO Thanh Pham shares five strategies that he uses with coaching clients so that you can be efficient AND effective.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [1:36]
  • How to set up “Weekly Wins” [5:06]
  • Why outcomes are better than tasks [8:21]
  • Think “who,” not “how”! [12:22]
  • How to do less work (yes, you read that right) [18:22]
  • Why delegation and outsourcing aren’t just about making more money [21:52]
  • A simple formula to figure out when it is worth it to delegate [22:39]
  • The power of the “domino decision” [23:47]
  • How Thanh created a capsule wardrobe [27:41]
  • When it is time to stop putting up with things and take action [30:50]

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