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Want to know our biggest successes — and biggest mistakes? Want to know what the deal is with the Asian Efficiency name? Curious about how Thanh structures his day and favorite apps and tools?

And is it really possible to be productive with kids?

In this episode, we turn the tables and do a Q&A episode with The Productivity Show host and Asian Efficiency founder Thanh Pham about these and many other topics.

Go to Bambee.com and type in productivity show under PODCAST when you sign up.

FACTORMEALS.com/tps50 and use code tps50 to get 50% off.

You can find links to everything we share in the show notes by going to https://theproductivityshow.com.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:29]
  • What’s the deal with the Asian Efficiency name? [7:42]
  • Why did Asian Efficiency start hiring so early? [12:52]
  • The story behind the Asian Efficiency founders breaking up [17:24]
  • What’s a typical day in the life of Thanh? [23:39]
  • What are some of the pros and cons of living in different areas of the world? [28:38]
  • Does productivity advice work if you have kids? [33:40]
  • How long did it take to start the podcast, and what has the impact been on AE? [40:50]
  • What have been the most rewarding moments at AE? And what have some of the biggest mistakes been? [44:39]
  • What apps and tools has Thanh been swearing by lately? [52:43]
  • What should someone do if they are feeling overwhelmed? [57:18]

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