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Here’s the problem with time – we have that clock sitting there as a constant companion but also a silent competitor. We always feel like we are racing against the clock and always feel like we just never have time.

But what if we could change the rules of the game? What if we could turn money into time – and it doesn’t HAVE to be a lot of money.

Sounds great, of course, but how do you do it?

In this encore episode of The Productivity Show, we answer that exact question: How do you buy back time?

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Learn more at https://theproductivityshow.com/.

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:28]
  • What’s Brooks’ first tip for buying back time? [4:42]
  • What technology does Thanh use to remove time squanders from his life? [8:15]
  • What’s tip #2 for buying back time? [12:20]
  • What are some of the ways that Thanh outsources and delegates tasks? [16:31]
  • What is Tip #3 for buying back time? [29:21]
  • What sorts of things does Thanh have his Executive Assistant do for him? [31:54]
  • How does Thanh feel about using a service versus a person to help with tasks? [40:38]

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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