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The “registration doors” for the Dojo have just opened, and we are starting the day with 10 fast action bonus gifts to give out. (Today we are giving out 10 exclusive coaching spots with one of our AE productivity experts. That means 10 of you will get a private coaching session where we will assess your 2018 goals and action plans – $500 value.)

Learn More: The Dojo + Grab Your Fast Action Bonus Gift Now

The Dojo is our exclusive members only community that is jam packed with trainings, courses, masterclasses, podcasts, coaching calls, action plans, access to our extensive 10,000+ post forum with other members, as well as exclusive access to the AE team of experts, and much more.

It’s one of the most sought-after memberships in the entire productivity community. This week we are opening up enrollment, but we must warn you, we can only let in 300 new members. We want to ensure that all the Dojo members get the attention and dedication they need for ultimate success. As we grow our team in the years to come, we hope to open the doors for any new member who wants to join, but for now we have to keep it a closed community to stay dedicated to our members and core values.

Learn More: The Dojo + Grab Your Fast Action Bonus Gift Now

Within the Dojo, you will find two major components that will fuel you into a successful and productive lifestyle.

The first being the community.

You will find people from all walks of life sharing, learning, and making breakthroughs within our community forum. In fact, many members are shocked at how quickly things happened once insights were given and ideas are shared within this community. This is often called hivemind and it’s a psychological breakthrough that occurs when a collective group thinks and acts together to share knowledge, thoughts, and resources. It’s what has driven the success for our team the past several years, and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

One of the biggest lessons that we have learned over the years, is that teamwork, community, accountability, mentorship, and relationships with people who can push you forward is one of the most powerful tools for success. That is why our team of experts are also available to answer questions and provide feedback to Dojo members as well, in addition to hundreds of other community members who are willing to share and collaborate as well.

The next big component of the Dojo is our Velocity Training Vault.

Within the VTV, you get access to member’s only training videos, courses, exclusive podcasts, systems, roadmaps, execution plans, strategies, and tactics you won’t find anywhere else.

This isn’t just more theory and information. These are proven and up-to-date techniques that you can apply to your life immediately. The Velocity Training Vault includes over 25 different training courses, and we add new content to this vault every single month.

Bottom line, the Dojo is the place to be, and we are so excited to open the doors this week and welcome in new members.

Learn More: The Dojo + Grab Your Fast Action Bonus Gift Now

We hope to see you on the inside!

-Thanh & the Asian Efficiency team






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Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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Thanh Pham

Founder of Asian Efficiency where we help people become more productive at work and in life. I've been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and The Globe & Mail as a productivity thought leader. At AE I'm responsible for leading teams and executing our vision to assist people all over the world live their best life possible.

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