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Of all the video conferencing software available, most will agree that Zoom has positioned itself as the most popular service and the one most businesses turn to when it comes time to hold a video call. However, a zoom meeting doesn’t have to be boring, and the program allows you to use any image as a virtual background. Whether it be to add an air of professionalism, highlight your brand, or simply make the zoom meeting more interesting, there are an endless number of virtual backgrounds to choose from, some of which we will cover below.

1. The Home Office Look

With so many people working from home these days, the dining or living room has become the default office for many. Unfortunately, not everyone’s home office is as aesthetically pleasing as they would like, prompting some to search for a free zoom background that gives off a much more refined and professional backdrop to their virtual meetings and video calls.

2. The Professional Office

In some cases, you may want it to look as though you’re in an office setting. Even if the people you’re talking with know it’s just a Zoom background, it can still leave a more positive impression compared to the kitchen table. Luckily, there are many free zoom backgrounds to choose from online that can add an element of professionalism to your zoom calls.

3. A Tropical Theme

Zoom backgrounds don’t always have to be business-related; they can be funny or simply something nice to look at, like a tropical beach scene. While this virtual background might not be for everyone, it can help brighten up people’s day and leave a lasting impression.

4. Sky Scraper At Night

When it comes to cool zoom backgrounds, having two prominent skyscrapers at your back is an excellent modern choice. Many people like this background because of the way the bright lights juxtapose with the night sky. Furthermore, many people are comforted by cityscape images, making this one of the best zoom backgrounds.

5. CyberPunk Market

CyberPunk themes are becoming more and more popular, a trend that, naturally, has made its way to the world of zoom backgrounds. Fans of sci-fi movies like Blade Runner (the original and Blade Runner 2049) may enjoy using futuristic cityscape images for their zoom virtual background. Remember, Zoom calls are not just for work-related matters, and the program is used all the time to speak with friends and family, meaning you can have some fun with the virtual backgrounds you choose.

6. African Savanna

Taking a break from the metropolitan themes for a moment, the next zoom background we have is a peaceful African Savanna landscape. It has often been said that Africa is the cradle of life, and everyone who visits the continent agrees that its vast, seemingly endless plains give off a magical feeling. While you may not be able to experience it for yourself, being confined to your workspace instead, this free zoom background can help lift the mood for you, your friends, colleagues, and anyone else you may be engaging with on a video call.

7. Mountain And Lake View

The combination of snow-capped mountains and placid lakes has captivated landscape painters for centuries and is an excellent free zoom background that can be used for nearly every occasion. Aside from being a visually pleasing image, these landscape photos make good zoom backgrounds because they are very neutral and can be appreciated by almost everyone. If you want a safe, non-assuming, virtual background to use during video conferencing, this is one of the best.

8. Space Setting

Until now, every virtual zoom background we have looked at has been a scene of something on planet earth. Luckily, there are no limits on what backgrounds we use, and the next image focuses on outer space.

As Carl Sagan said, “the earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena,” a notion that is made even more evident when we see the images of the milky way galaxy in its totality. Not only are there an unknown number of planets, but our own sun, which makes the presence of life on our planet possible, is just one of the billions within the small galaxy to which we belong. It’s musings like this that have made space such a captivating subject for so many people, and what better way to celebrate this fascination than with a milky way zoom background.

9. Simpsons Theme

Boasting a total of 32 seasons, the Simpsons is the longest-running animated television show in history. When it first aired, the show became known for delivering funny yet insightful criticisms of popular culture and current events.

Today, The Simpsons is itself a significant pillar in popular culture, and the characters are instantly recognized all over the world. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, consider using a free zoom background inspired by the show.

10. Library Setting

Libraries have always been a symbol of higher learning, and before the internet, they were the primary source of information for people worldwide. Today, the library still holds a position of elevated status and is used by thousands of people each day to study, work on projects, or engage in some kind of scholastic activity.

If you’re looking for a zoom background that gives off a subtle air of sophistication and scholasticism without coming across as pretentious, then the library scene is an excellent choice.

11. Tigers

It goes without saying, Tigers are one of the coolest animals around. For centuries the animal has been the subject of myths and stories in the areas they populate and have been respected and revered by everyone who comes in contact with them. Not only are they the biggest predatory cats to currently walk the earth, but their image also makes one of the best zoom backgrounds available.

12. Under The Sea

In the Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Sebastian the sea crab sings a song titled ‘under the sea’ to convince his mermaid friend Ariel to stay ocean-bound. While for most of us, interest in this particular Disney movie has waned, images of what goes on beneath the ocean surface still pique our curiosity.

Fortunately, photographers have been able to capture many images of life under the sea, many of which make excellent free zoom backgrounds.

13. Jelly Fish

Continuing with our ocean-themed zoom backgrounds, Jelly Fish has been a subject of great interest to ocean photographers and enthusiasts alike. Whether it be for their ghost-like ethereal bodies or their strange otherworldly behavior, Jelly Fish is a great option when it comes to free zoom backgrounds.

14. Russian Churches

The architecture of old Russian Churches and Cathedrals have impressed and memorized people ever since they were constructed. Most of these churches feature an onion-shaped dome at the top of each spire and the use of several bright colors which contrast heavily with the grey, often stark, landscapes of Russia.

Their uniqueness and the fact that they’re something architecturally unique to Russia makes them great for a zoom virtual background.

15. Hobbit House

The Lord Of The Rings universe has many fans, many of which hold a strong fascination for the shire. Whether this fascination is borne out of an appreciation for the country landscape in which it is located or the ideals of simple living it embodies, the shire is a fan favorite, making it an excellent zoom background for Lord Of The Rings Fans.

16. Distracted Boyfriend

New memes are constantly popping up, and while some may experience only a brief period of popularity, others stand the test of time and take on a nearly immortal status, being used over and over again. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme, which is repeatedly used as a template.

While this zoom background may not be for everyone, it is an inoffensive choice for those who enjoy the internet and meme culture.

17. DogeCoin Zoom Background

Continuing with the Theme of memes, DogeCoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to gain popularity and is known as the first meme-coin around. As a result, a dogecoin zoom background is great for crypto and meme enthusiasts.

18. Ceiling Of The Sistine Chapel

Of all the things people associate with Rome, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is up there. The artwork painted on the ceiling was done by the renowned Renaissance painter Michelangelo and today stands as one of the most recognizable symbols of western culture.

Aside from its historical importance, the painting truly is a masterpiece and makes a great free zoom background.

19. Cats

Everyone loves cats, and the internet is full of images of them, making them an excellent choice for a free zoom background.

20. Chicen Itza – Mayan Temple

The ancient civilizations of the Mayan and Aztec people have proven to be a point of curiously, interest, and speculation for many. While the people of Ancient Mexico and Guatemala have left behind many impressive structures for us to admire today, little is known about how their society operated.

If you’re a person who enjoys speculating on the ways of ancient people, especially in the pre-Colombian Americas, then this photo of Chicen Itza pyramid in Mexico is an awesome free zoom background.

21. The Great Sphinx Of Egypt

Continuing with another ancient monument as a virtual background option, the Great Sphinx of the Giza Plateau is another fantastic choice for zoom backgrounds.

To the ancient Egyptians, these mythological creatures were beasts of great strength that guarded the entrances to important temples. In the Greek version of the myth, the Sphinx would only grant passage to anyone who could answer a riddle. If the traveler answered incorrectly, the Sphinx would eat them.

Much like the Mayan Chicen Itza, the Giza Sphinx is one of the best zoom backgrounds for lovers of ancient history and myths.

22. Hiking Trail

Hiking is a pastime enjoyed by many and allows us to take a break from aspects of our modern life such as consumerism, technology, and the office. It is because of this that a large number of individuals enjoy using hiking-themed images as their zoom background. Not only are the visuals pleasing, but it reminds them of what they will be enjoying once the workweek is done.

23. The Moon

Even if you believe Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never did set foot on the moon, the image itself makes for a fabulous zoom background, especially when contrasted against the starry sky of outer space.

24. Professional Template Zoom Background

A zoom background doesn’t have to be an image of something; it can also be a simple design that acts as a sort of business card. This virtual background option can be great when it comes to meeting with potential clients.

Of all the services that offer these background templates, Canva is one of the best. When using Canva, you can choose which text information to display, such as name, position, company, contact information, etc. If this concept is unclear, take a look at the image below to get an idea of what a Canva zoom background can look like.

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