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  • 5 Things to Plan Your Week Around for Maximum Long-Term Impact (TPS164)

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Luckily for you, planning is much easier than you think. It all starts with planning the perfect day and then the perfect week. You’ll learn how to be in control of your schedule and make the planning process easy (and not so intimidating). Whether you have kids, run your own business or work in a big company – there are 5 things you want to watch out for when you plan your week. Thanh and Brooks discuss what has worked for them and the Asian Efficiency team, and what they’ve learned from evolving their planning process over many years.

Cheat Sheet

  • Things you want to pay attention to when you plan your week [0:45]
  • How Thanh’s and Brooks’s planning process has changed over time [4:31]
  • Why you want to be proactive about your week and not reactive [7:35]
  • The big rock approach to planning the week and the process approach [8:56]
  • How Thanh uses leading indicators to plan [9:49]
  • Why thinking time can be a leading indicator [15:44]
  • How meeting with influencers can help you in the long term [19:29]
  • Why conferences are important even though it’s hard to attach an ROI to them [27:12]
  • Using customer research to grow your business and stay in tune with the marketplace [30:01]
  • Why leading indicators don’t need to have immediate effects [37:09]
  • Finding and recruiting great talent for your team [43:40]
  • How deep work can be scheduled into your week to create value [51:02]
  • How leading indicators can also be created for your personal life [56:57]
  • Ways to track your leading indicators [59:52]

5 Leading Indicators

  1. Thinking time
  2. Meeting with influencers
  3. Customer research
  4. Finding and recruiting people to come work for us
  5. Deep Work


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