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The first quarter of the year is done — how are you doing on your yearly goals? Are you on track? Are you behind? Have you dropped some goals and added any new ones? Have you even made any goals for the year?

In this episode, we will be reviewing the goals we made on the podcast at the beginning of the year, and most importantly — we will share some tips and things we’ve learned about keeping and working towards your goals.

We’ll also share what to do when a goal doesn’t make sense anymore. Sometimes things come up and you need to make a course correction.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [2:24]
  • Who this episode is for and how it can help people who struggle with goal setting [4:33]
  • The goals Brooks and Thanh set last quarter [7:29]
  • How Thanh’s goals evolved over the first quarter and what he could do better next time [10:28]
  • What Brooks implemented for his goals this year and how it helped him succeed so far [14:08]
  • How Thanh is increasing his likelihood of succeeding at his new goal [19:38]
  • The little “kaizen” improvements Brooks has made over this first quarter [24:10]
  • Why Thanh prefers consulting professionals for advice instead of going the DIY route [27:53]
  • How Brooks and Thanh keep track of their progress [30:20]


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