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How many things in your work or personal life do you just “put up with”? It could be mistakes that happen, a tool that annoys you, or someone that you work with that slows things down.

At Asian Efficiency we have a principle called the “3 Times Rule” to get to the root of all these things once and for all, which lets us move forward quickly and effectively. In this episode, we’ll explain how we use the 3X Rule and give some examples that you can use in your work and personal life.

You can find links to everything that we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/345.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Top 3 productivity resources for this week. [7:26]
  • What is the 3x rule? [5:56]
  • How do you know if you’re in a 3x Rule situation? [11:07]
  • What is the 2-minute rule? [12:40]
  • How Brooks uses the 3x rule for TPS [14:57]
  • How Brooks and Thanh differ in their perspectives of the 3x rule. [16:29]
  • How Thanh uses the 3x rule for TPS [18:08]
  • How Thanh uses the 3x as a CEO [21:15]
  • What are some ways that the 3x rule can build on itself? [25:30]
  • How Brooks uses the 3x rule in his personal life. [27:54]
  • How Thanh uses the 3x rule in his personal life. [29:46]
  • Action Steps You Can take to integrate today’s topic into your life. [34:42]


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Thanh Pham

Founder of Asian Efficiency where we help people become more productive at work and in life. I've been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and The Globe & Mail as a productivity thought leader. At AE I'm responsible for leading teams and executing our vision to assist people all over the world live their best life possible.

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