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Improve your team’s time, energy, and attention with this simple tweak. We’ll share how you can build your team’s internal communication strategy, and the things to think about, and we’ll provide a link to ours that has worked well for us for years.

We cover:

1. How to choose the right tool to communicate in the right situation
2. Expected response times, so everyone is aligned
3. A simple way to gently steer people to the right communication method

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You can find links to everything we share in the show notes by going to theproductivityshow.com/416.

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  • What is the first way to strengthen team communication? [7:16]
  • What are some questions Marmel suggests asking yourself when sorting out systems of team communication? [10:09]
  • What is Yammer? [11:16]
  • What is tip no. 2 for successful team communication? [14:18]
  • What are some questions you can ask yourself to determine which team communication tools are most effective? [20:45]
  • What is a large change AE made organizationally to improve team communication? [24:58]
  • What is tip number 3 to improve team communication? [26:11]
  • What is Marmel’s advice for improving team communication in a remote world, or across an international team? [30:03]
  • How does Brooks suggest dealing with team communication done the wrong way? [32:39]
  • Action step you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [34:52]


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