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Are you having trouble with time management? Have you tried online organizing and productivity tools in the past and feel like you can’t seem to make things work? As one necessity for our technology-powered world, planner apps will help you manage pretty much any task you need, but choosing the right app is another matter altogether.

No matter what goals you are trying to accomplish, we’ve made a list of the best apps available to date that makes it easy for you to keep track of due dates, remember important events, increase your productivity, allows you to create lists, and helps you get organized with everything – from your personal life projects, day to day activities, to tasks that involve real-time teamwork.

Best Life Planning Apps for Productivity

  • Todoist – Organize it all with Todoist. If you are the kind of person who wants to do it all but always seems to have too little time in a month to complete all your tasks, Todoist is the perfect list app to help you with task management. This organizer is easy to use planner and to-do list app that allows you to regain calmness and clarity in life. It features a clean interface that will help you to quickly add tasks, have easy access to task views, assign priorities, set recurring due dates, and even helps you manage deliverables by including subtasks and adding them into your favorites lists. In short, it’s one great organizer! This app is also a great tool for team productivity. You can assign task delegations, set reminders, and notifications, and even communicate as a team. But it doesn’t stop there: you can even link Todoist with tools you already use such as apps like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Slack, Gmail for email and so much more. If you need greater access to its premium features, all you need is the help of a credit card to get things done. Pricing: Free, $4.00 per month (billed monthly) or $3.00 per month (billed annually). Premium Features Free Trial: Available. Todoist is available on iOS and Android
  • Any.do – Your Busy Life Deserves This. Any.do is another task tracking app that works well for people who have a tendency to forget tasks and chores. It enables you to create to-do lists, reminders, notes, and share lists or assign deliverables to others. Calendar integration possible is for better task management and a voice entry capability makes life easier by adding tasks just by speaking. Pricing: Free, $2.99 monthly Get Any.do on iOS and Android

Best Apps to Help with Note Taking

  • Evernote – Accomplish More with Better Notes. If you find yourself with too much loose paper filled with notes scattered around the house, Evernote is one great app to take down notes for virtually anything and everything. This tool allows you to capture ideas like virtual sticky notes or online journals that are linked to all your devices so you can never miss an idea that inspires you. This note-taking app features document scanning, drag and drop feature that allows you to easily clip interesting webpages, save photos, sketches, and remember other milestones in your daily life, and helps you make reminders and write to-do lists to keep on top of activities or create separate notebooks to organize your receipts, bills, and invoices. What’s even better is that Evernote allows you to search for your notes fast and gives you information as you type it. Use Evernote to help you keep important reminders direct from your email by connecting Evernote with email apps of your preference like Gmail or Outlook Mail, or linking it to Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Pricing: Free, Business $14.99 per user per month, Get Evernote on iOSAndroid, and Desktop
  • Pocket – Put knowledge in your Pocket –Browsing the internet can be a stimulating task, with information available at the tip of your fingertips, it’s easy to find yourself in an information black hole and lose track of time. But don’t fret! This app allows you to save time and keep track of articles, videos, and stories you want to read at a later time – even offline. With this app, you get to keep all the interesting stuff you want to read, free up time, and focus on accomplishing the most important things now. Pricing: Free, Get Pocket on iOSAndroid, and Desktop

Best Apps for Team Work and Small Business

  • Trello – Trello Your Way –Trello is a list-making app that utilizes the Kanban-style method of getting organized. While it’s a great app to use to manage solo projects, it is one of the best organizer apps used for those working as a team. And it’s no wonder that this is a great app as Trello also has an impressive list of corporate users, from Kickstarter to Adobe to Google. With the simplicity of its features, you can go from idea to action and create to-do boards, lists, and cards for everything you need to keep your day on track from things like planning your next vacation to professional tasks like making sure your next business event runs well. You can also use Trello to integrate other productivity apps like Google Calendar, Slack, Zapier, Adobe XD, email apps, and many more. Pricing: Free, $9.99 per user/month, $17.50 per user/month Premium Free Trial: Available. Get Trello on iOs and Android
  • Teamgantt. Teamgantt is another wonderful tool that lets you hit deadlines, plan your projects, and organize them in a way that shows the progress of your projects across a timeline. It adopts the project management framework developed by Henry Gantt whose unique aspects include the dependency of relationships between activities and their progress. It’s a great way to work collectively as its free version lets you invite a minimum of two other people while the paid version makes it possible to invite collaboration with more members of your family or organization. The app also lets you notify your co-workers through integration with calendar apps and options to be notified via email. Pricing: Free, $24.95 monthly, $29.95 monthly. Premium Free Trial: Available. Get Teamgantt on iOs and Android

Best Apps for Time Management

  • Pomodoro Timer – Although not a planning app per se, time management is essential to complete the action you’ve set out to do. Utilize the famous time blocking technique and bring structure to your workflow by utilizing this simple and attractive app. The theory behind this is the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo, which breaks down your work into 25-minute sessions, followed by 5-minute breaks. Studies show that you can’t get yourself focused after 25 minutes of work, so breaking up your workflow into shorter intervals gives you time to breathe and stay in focus. There are many variations of Pomodoro timers available in the market, but this particular app, however, keeps its layout very simple and beautifully done, and utilizing a soothing Tibetan Singing Bowl notification to tell you when a break is needed. Pricing: Free. Get Pomodoro Timer on Android
  • Forest – Stay Focused, Be Present Forest is one unique app that helps you put down your phone and take time to focus on the more important things in life. To plant a virtual tree, you set a time for a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 120 minutes or any 5-minute increment in between. Your tree will grow provided you keep your app open and it will wither if you exit the app or use any outside feature for more than a few seconds. What’s more exciting is that this is one app where you are actually also planting trees in real life. When users spend virtual coins they earn, Forest partner Trees for the Future, plant trees in their project sites. Pricing: Free, with in-app purchases Get Forest on iOSAndroid, and Desktop (Firefox Add-on)

Additional Apps to gain Better Planning and Productivity

  • Otter – Otter is where conversations live

If you or your workmates prefer face-to-face meetings or interviews, jotting down what has transpired can be a daunting undertaking. Otter Voice is a smart text-to-speech app that transcribes conversations, making record-taking much easier. It provides a fast and accurate real-time transcription and has the ability to recognize and differentiate different speakers during a conversation.

The app’s brand new release adds more functionality through highlights, folders, and teams available through their Business Plans. Pricing: Free, Pro $8.33 monthly, Business $2o.00 monthly Get Otter on iOS and Android

  • Camscanner – Turn Your Phone or Tablet into a Scanner

The beauty of this app is in its simplicity and accessibility. This tool lets you turn your smartphone into a portable scanner to enable you to make copies of documents by converting photos taken from your phone into professional-looking documents in JPD or PDF. Download Camscanner on iOS and Android


So there you have it, 10 very useful tools for planning your life that can help you with the very fruitful 2021. Getting things done will definitely be a breeze for you.


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