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Here at The Productivity Show, we all use at least an adapted version of David Allen’s GTD or Getting Things Done productivity system.

Once you start using GTD the question becomes – what do you use to keep track of your Projects, Tasks, and Next Actions?

For most people it is an app, but which one is the “best”? And what does the “Best GTD app” even mean?

In this episode, we break down 5 GTD apps and give recommendations for which apps are the “best” for different types of users.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [2:16]
  • How this episode can help people who are new to GTD find their tools, and veterans find their perfect software [4:00]
  • What to consider before investing your time and money in a new GTD system [9:08]
  • Not so fast! How to fight Shiny Object Syndrome with new tools and apps [12:47]
  • Thanh and Brooks’s favorite GTD app and why they have been using it religiously for years [14:40]
  • The cross-platform app that Thanh and Brooks recommends most for people looking for a robust and friendly UI [21:17]
  • Why Things holds its own in the task management space, and who would benefit most from using it [25:28]
  • What software can help people who think visually take on GTD (and how it can help people who don’t want task management software at all) [29:27]
  • Why this classic David-Allen-recommended app is still a GTD powerhouse after all these years [32:46]
  • Which apps are still amazing for GTD but didn’t make the top 5 [36:11]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [37:41]


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