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This is Episode 300 of The Productivity Show, and we thought we’d celebrate by turning the show over to you!

This is our first Q&A episode of the show, and we invited listeners of the podcast, readers of the Asian Efficiency blog, and our followers on Social media to ask us anything.

There are questions about productivity, behind the scenes questions about the podcast, our setups, and a whole lot more.

Thanks to Fiverr for supporting The Productivity Show. Fiverr is offering our listeners 10% off their first order by going to Fiverr.com and using the code TPS.

Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [3:26]
  • “How has doing the podcast for the last five years helped you with your productivity?” [7:33]
  • “How do you win the fight against start-of-the-day inertia? What motivates you to be Asian Efficient every morning when you wake up?” [11:50]
  • “Where are the past hosts of The Productivity Show now?” [14:30]
  • “What apps do you have on your home screens?” [18:31]
  • “How do you join AE as an employee?” [22:31]
  • “How do you organize your editorial calendar and content creation?” [28:33]
  • “What are some of your personal reasons for choosing Mac over Windows?” [35:52]
  • “How do you decide what kind of products you should develop and how long it will take to bring to market?” [41:57]
  • “Why Asian Efficiency?” [45:56]
  • “What are your audio/video setups and tools? How do you speak into the camera naturally when you’re trying to look at your notes?” [48:14]
  • “How do you estimate your marketing budget for a given project?” [55:32]
  • “What is your main goal for the next 3 years? Where do you want to see the Asian Efficiency Team?” [1:00:23]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [1:05:37]


Extra Questions and Answers:

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