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Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a productivity system developed by David Allen, and it was introduced to the world in the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.”

Here’s the thing about GTD though; a lot of its promoters are very… opinionated about how you follow it. If you don’t follow it to the letter, you aren’t “doing it right.”

We don’t really care about all that – we just want to get our important stuff done! We’ve both used GTD for at least 15 years, but we’ve both adapted it to what works for us.

In this episode, we’ll share how you can adapt GTD to your own needs, while still “Getting Things Done”. Here are 3 things you’ll get out of this episode:

  • How you can rethink GTD Contexts, and use them for your own purposes – or we’ll share an even better thing to try
  • How you can make your GTD Weekly review way shorter, so you’ll actually stick with it
  • How to handle GTD when you work in a team, or with other systems

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [3:36]
  • What’s the first way to adapt GTD to your needs? [5:43]
  • What is tip no. 2 to adapt GTD to your needs? [13:35]
  • How does Brooks recommend restructuring planning to adapt GTD? [17:16]
  • What does Thanh’s weekly review look like? [23:45]
  • What is tip number 3 to adapt GTD to your needs? [26:53]
  • What is a question that AE gets a lot? [28:25]
  • How does Thanh handle working with multiple systems and multiple people simultaneously? [30:14]
  • Action step to integrate today’s topic into your life. [33:11]


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